Interview requests

In order to have an interview with FC BATE Borisov management, coaching staff or players, journalists are to provide Media Department sealed and signed by the editor of the agency/newspaper/web-site. It can be sent by fax (+375 29 210 16 09) or email (press@fcbate.by or dsn68@mail.ru) (scanned digital version).

The application should contain:

  • Information on the media (full name of the media, founder/publisher, legal postal address, contact phones of the office, circulation (for print media), periodicity;
  • Information about the journalist: name, post, phone numbers, fax number, email(s).
  • Name of the representative of FC BATE Borisov planned to be interviewed;
  • Topic of the interview
  • Date, time and suggested place of the interview;
  • Planned duration of the interview
  • Planned time of publication.

Single Matchday Tickets for Domestic Competitions
FC BATE Borisov Media Department is happy to assist the journalists who would like to visit matches of the Yellow Blues. If you would like to visit Belarusian Championship and Belarusian Cup matches, you can apply for single day press tickets one week before the match. Our press officers Sergey Dashkevich and Andrei Vashkevich will try to process your application as soon as possible. Sometimes reporters can be asked for additional information about applicant and media they represent. Please inform us about points 1, 2, 3, 7 stated in interview application rules and topic of the planned publication).

European Matches
For European matches FC BATE Borisov Media Department do not consider single applications. All the applications from foreign journalists are to be submitted to the opponents' Press Service. Then it is to compile the whole list of journalists and send it to FC BATE Borisov Media Departement not later than Friday before the matchweek.

Also according to UEFA regulations, by noon Friday before the match away team is inform us about their media plans. If it does not, FC BATE Borisov has the right to schedule their own media plans first, and away team will have to adjust to them.


Special Accreditations
Via press service you can also request special accreditations for non-match events organised by the club (special press conferences, celebrations, open training sessions). In order to get it, please send you application (Please inform us about points 1, 2, 3, 7 stated in interview application rules and topic of the planned publication).


Club accreditation (press ticket) that FC BATE Borisov Media Department will provide the reporters gives the right ONLY to visit the FOOTBALL MATCH between BATE and away team and other media activities connected with the match. But all the foreign journalists working in Belarus are also to get a MINISTRY OF FOREIGN AFFAIRS ACCREDITATION for activities in Belarus, which is granted not by the club, but by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Unfortunately, we cannot assist the journalists with it and they will have to do everything themselves. The only thing FC BATE Borisov Media Department can do for them is to provide a document that journalists are accredited for the match. But we can do it only after away club media service confirms they will include mentioned journalists into their media lists that they are going to send to us.

For details on the MFA Accreditation please use the link: http://www.mfa.gov.by/en/press/accreditation/

Please, inform all the journalists that would like to come to Belarus about this fact, because according to the rules they will not be able to get the visa without this MFA accreditation. And they are to apply for it as soon as possible, as the time is usually limited.


In order to get ISDN line or other radio equipment in commentary positions or press conference room, foreign journalists are to contact their LOCAL TELECOM OPERATOR. Local telecom operator will transfer the request to Beltelecom (Belarusian Telecom) which will be in charge to install the lines ordered. Please note that FC BATE Borisov do not own or operate any equipment of this kind. The only way to get it is via telecoms.

Whey ordering media companies' representatives should try to be as specific as possible when doing your request. Give details about what equipment/sockets you need, type of ISDN plug you are going to use to avoid any problems.

FC BATE Borisov would be happy to do their best to assist your journalists if any problems arise, but obviously we do not have a lot of expertise in technical area. That is why it is a good idea to make an agreement with Beltelecom to provide journalists with a technician that can help in case of emergency.



    Belarusian Championship
    Matchday 30

    28 november 2021, 13:00

    Referee: Shcherbakov D.

    4:0 Vitebsk


    BATE — Vitebsk

    3 : 1

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Belarusian Champ.

Team Pld Pts
1 Shakhtyor 30 75
2 BATE 30 65
3 Dinamo Mn 30 62
4 Gomel 30 59
5 Rukh 30 58
6 Dynamo Br 30 38
7 Vitebsk 30 37
8 Torpedo-BelAZ 30 36
9 Slutsk 30 35
10 Isloch 30 34
11 Neman 30 34
12 Minsk 30 33
13 Energetik-BGU 30 33
14 Slaviya 30 32
15 Smorgon 30 21
16 Sputnik 30 7
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