Rules of Behaviour at the Stadium


We are happy to welcome you on hospitable land of Borisov!

During your stay in the Republic of Belarus and at Borisov-Arena we ask all football supporters to fulfill acting national legislation, rules of behaviour on sports objects and UEFA safety and security regulations.

We draw your attention that public order as well as safety and security of citizens at Borisov-Arena and outer perimeter while hosting a football match is kept by employees of internal bodies of the Republic of Belarus and stewards.

Entrance of supporters to the stadium is done in advance (starts 2 hours before the start of the football match). Large objects (big bags and plastic bags, huge items, etc.) must be submitted to storage room which are located between A and H sections. On the entrances (points of access) to the territory of Borisov-Arena every supporter will be body-searched and all his personal belongings will be checked.

During the match at the territory of the arena it is FORBIDDEN:

  • to possess and/or to use objects and substances prohibited to take into the stands, including alcohol and low alcohol drinks, beer, cold arms, fire arms, gas and other kind of weapons, explosives and ammunition;

  • to be present in the state of alcoholic intoxication or in a state caused by drug abuse;

  • to smoke in places not dedicated for that;

  • to throw any objects into the stands, football pitch, spectators and participants of the match;

  • to go (to run) into the football pitch;

  • to use open fire and pyrotechnics with any target type;

  • to cover faces under masks, use methods that create threat to public health, life and health of sportsmen, coaches, referees and/or supporters or other citizens.;

  • to propagandize war or extremist activities, including use of billboards, banners and other means;

  • to act in any way that can cause aggression or provoke conflict situation;

  • to chant abusive and foul language chants, show abusive gestures as well as to threat other people and participants of the match;

  • to discriminate football players, coaches, referees, officials and spectators on national and race grounds;

  • to stand in the isles, entrances and exits, stairways, blocking the move of spectators and employees as well as participants of the event;

  • to stand up from the seat, climb the fences, parapets and supporting structures of the stadium;

  • to cause damage to the stadium property as well as property of players, officials and spectators;

  • to write and draw on constructions, buildings and structures of the stadium;

  • to prevent police employees and organizers of mass sports events in any way from fulfilling of their obligations;

  • to make any other actions that disturb the set order of organization and flow of the match and incite other individuals to such actions in any form.

People who do not fulfill the abovementioned rules are taken away from the arena without refund for the entrance ticket and are subject to responsibility according to acting legislation of the Republic of Belarus.


We kindly ask you to follow the rules of behaviour in public places, be attentive and respectful towards all participants of a football game!

Thank you very much for your cooperation!


    Belarusian Championship
    Matchday 16

    04 july 2020, 16:00

    Referee: Kurgkheli A.

    0:1 Energetik-BGU


    BATE — Energetik-BGU

    2 : 1

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    Belarusian Championship
    Matchday 17

    11 july 2020, 18:30

    Referee: Stetsurin S.

    VS Slaviya


    10-07-2020, 13:30

    Borisov. Gorodskoi stadion


    Belarusian Championship
    Matchday 18

    18 july 2020, 20:30
    Brestski Sports Complex (Brest)


    Belarusian Championship
    Matchday 19

    26 july 2020, 18:45

    VS Minsk

Belarusian Champ.

Team Pld Pts
1 Shakhtyor 16 30
2 BATE 16 30
3 Neman 15 29
4 Energetik-BGU 16 29
5 Dinamo Br 16 26
6 Torpedo-BelAZ 16 26
7 Dinamo Mn 16 23
8 Isloch 16 23
9 Vitebsk 16 22
10 Rukh 16 22
11 Slaviya 16 21
12 Slutsk 16 18
13 Gorodeya 16 16
14 Minsk 14 15
15 Smolevichi 15 11
16 Belshina 16 7
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