Karnitski Aliaksandr

Date of birth: 14.02.1989
Place of birth: Stolbtsy (Minsk region)
Citizenship: Belarus
Position: Midfielder
Number: 7
Debut in BATE: 15.03.2014
First football school:  Children and Youth Sports School (Stolbtsy)
First coach: Sergei Shingel
Height: 187
Weight: 79

Stolbtsy-born midfielder signed a contract with FC BATE in autumn of 2013. This was a logical continuation of the rapid progress of the player.

At the beginning of 2013 Karnitski did not have any experience of the Vysshaya Liga football. Before that he played only in the second Belarusian division. He made his debut in First League at the age of 19. Before that Aliaksandr played for FC Neman Stolbtsy in the Regional Championship and studied at Law College.

2009 season changed everything. Karnitski was offered a contract in FC Baranovichi, and a young player made an impression at once. And in two years, when Baranovichi were about to disappear, joined another second division club FC Polotsk. Sasha spent another good year there and attracted the attention of FC Granit, another First Division outfit. There scouts of FC Gomel found the midfielder.

It seemed that at 23 it will be difficult for the midfielder to make an instant impression. But he managed to become a regular starter and one of the leaders of Aleksei Merkulov team. In 2013 he was noted for an amazing goal against FC Torpedo-BelAZ from 70 meters. And he also scored the winning goal in Borisov in FC Gomel's stunning win against BATE (1-2).

BATE followed the player very closely and at the end of 2013 offered him a contract with the Yellow-Blues.

Karnitski's strong sides are fantastic stamina, good tackling, passing and shooting.

1. Favourite club
Arsenal F.C. Used to be Liverpool F.C. as a child

2. Favourite player
Used to be a fan of Zinedine Zidane as a child, now Stephen Gerrard.

3. Favourite kind of sport but for football

4. Favourite sportsman (not football player):
Usain Bolt

5. Most interesting match you've ever seen
2005 UEFA Champions League Final. Liverpool F.C. - AC Milan - 3-3, Liverpool win on penalties.
 2011 Premiership. Newcastle United F.C. - Arsenal F.C. - 4:4 (Magpies make an amazing comeback from losing 0-4).

6. Most interesting match you've ever participated in
Belarusian Championship-2013. FC BATE Borisov - FC Gomel - 1:2

7. Favourite book:
The Master and Margarita

8. Favourite writer
Fyodor Dostoyevsky

9. Favourite musician

10. Favourite film
Friends with Benefits

11. Favourite actor (actress):
Mila Kunis

12. Favourite dish
Draniki (Belarusian potato pancakes)

13. Best day of your life
The day I signed a contract with FC BATE Borisov

14. What did you want to be as a child (but for a football player)?
Never dreamt of anything else

15. Favourite car brand

16. What would you like to learn?
Dribbling like Aliaksandr Hleb

17. Favourite country (besides Motherland)

18. The place you haven't been to but want to visit

19. Most impressive town you've been to
Can't name something different

20. Most impressive stadium you've played at
Anfield Road, Liverpool

21. Your life motto
Reach your dream

22. Favourite number

23. Do you have any superstitious beliefs

24. Which national do you support, but for yours?
Brazil since childhood

25. Your hobby

26. Your good features
I cannot assess myself

27. Your bad features
I cannot assess myself

28. What qualities do you considered to be the most important for you? And what don't you like most?
I like honesty and hate hypocrisy.

29. Your dream in football
To win UEFA Champoins League

30. What is football - business, sports or show
All of it

Personal honours
Season Honours Club
2013 Included in the list of 22 best Belarusian Championship players Gomel
Team honours
Season Honours Team

Karnitski: we cancelled out SJK's strong points

12 july 201623:50

BATE midfielder on the UCL game against SJK won at Borisov-Arena 2-0.

Karnitski: I'll be better with every game

05 june 201623:10

FC BATE Borisov midfielder on the game against FC Granit Mikashevichi won 4-0 at Borisov-Arena.

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Season by season statistics | UEFA Europe League
Season Pld Min Capt. FM OFF ON B W D L G PS PNS Assists YC 2YC RC GC CS PAG PS
2016/17 1 79 - - 1 - - - - 1 - - - - - - - - - - -
Total 1 79 - - 1 - - - - 1 - - - - - - - - - - -

    UEFA Europe League
    2nd Qualifying Round

    17 september 2020, 20:00
    Sofia. Stadion Balgarska Armia

    Referee: Fesnic H.

    2:0 BATE
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    Belarusian Championship
    Matchday 24

    20 september 2020, 15:00
    Slutsk. Gorodskoi Stadium

    Referee: Sevostyanik V.



    Slutsk — BATE

    1 : 3


    Belarusian Championship
    Matchday 25

    27 september 2020, 19:00

    VS Dinamo Br
    Dinamo Br

Belarusian Champ.

Team Pld Pts
1 Shakhtyor 23 46
2 BATE 23 46
3 Neman 24 44
4 Torpedo-BelAZ 24 41
5 Isloch 23 38
6 Rukh 24 36
7 Dinamo Br 22 35
8 Energetik-BGU 23 34
9 Dinamo Mn 22 33
10 Vitebsk 24 31
11 Minsk 22 25
12 Slaviya 21 24
13 Slutsk 21 21
14 Gorodeya 24 20
15 Belshina 24 20
16 Smolevichi 22 14
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