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BELARUSIAN SUPERCUP-2013: Sivakou matchwinner with fantastic volley

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After the highly successful 2012 season, which included winning the national title and beating LOSC Lille and Bayern in the Champions League, 2013 season was awaited by the fans with great excitement. And Supercup match against FC Naftan Novopolotsk was the first challenge.

The club from Novopolotsk were the opponents of BATE in the first ever Belarusian Supercup match in 2010. Three years ago no goals was scored in the playing time, and everything had to be settled on penalties. BATE did it better and grabbed the title, that the Yellow Blues also won in 2011.

This time the Borisovites were the favourites of the game as well. And the beginning of the match proved the odds. BATE started well and fully controlled the ball and the pitch. There were a couple of good quick attacks that lacked the last pass into the box. Naftan defended with a lot of players relying only on quick counterattacks. In the first 16 minutes there were no clear chances from both sides, although BATE's Edgar Aliakhnovich made a good shot from distance but Dovgiallo saved it.

The opponents answered with a nice effort from ex-BATE forward Alexander Alumona, but Andrei Harbunou was confident. Such attacks by Naftan were quite scarce. On the whole BATE controlled the flow of the match thoroughly. Proactive runs from BATE players caused two cautions for Naftan players Obrazov and Ziulev already in the first half.

Maksim Bardachou had the best opportunity to score in the first half, but his shot from close range at far post was blocked by defenders and cleared away. At the start of the second half Vitali Radzionau could have broken the deadlock, but failed to capitalise on two good crosses into the box.

The less time remained till the final whistle the more effort was driven by BATE to have everything decided in the regular time. Artsiom Kantsavy was quite close to the goal, but his header was cleared by the defender from the goalline.

And when the fourth official showed that four additional minutes were added and the public announcer reminded that now extra-time will be played in case of a draw and that the teams will take penalties, BATE rushed to the final siege of Dovgiallo's goal. And were finally a success. After a brilliant attack Mikhail Sivakou drilled the ball home with a nice volley.

"You are never tired of winning, and another trophy will add another glorious page to our history. I am happy how the team concentrated on the game. We used substitutions quite well. During the whole game, especially in the second half, we controlled the game, but could not get a good chance. In the very end we managed to do it. We did not want to decide it on penalties, although we send people who are good at penalties onto the pitch via substitutions. But Misha Sivakou helped us with his timely goal. The Indoor stadium is different, you cannot do quick counterattacks on it. But we tried to be as sharp as possible. And the victory in the end is the most important thing", - Viktor Hancharenka said at the press-conference after the match.

BELARUSIAN CHAMPIONSHIP-2013: second star arrives!

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BATE will start in the 2013 Vysshaya Liga in two weeks after the supercup. FC Dinamo Minsk were the opponents. Before that the Yellow Blues played two friendlies against Torpedo-Belaz Zhodino (0-0) and Smolevichi-STI (D2, 3-0). Belarusian El Clasico had to be played in Zhodino as installation of heating system was not finished at Borisov Gorodskoi Stadium. But Torpedo stadium was very well prepared for U-21 Belarus - Iceland match which was played before. Probably it was the best pitch in Belarus at the moment.

The game was fascinating. BATE attacked a lot. In the first half Dzmitry Baha was close to netting a rebound after Rodionov shot, and then Filip Rudzik hit the post from 16-meter line. In the second half BATE managed to break the deadlock after a nice effort by Alex Hleb. The Yellow Blues controlled the game thoroughly, losing concentration only in the very end. And Dinamo used this to equalise. Nevertheless, 1-1 draw showed great potentional of the Yellow Blues.


    Belarusian Championship
    Matchday 8

    09 may 2021, 20:30
    Stroitel (Soligorsk)

    Referee: Dolia D.

    1:0 BATE


    Shakhtyor — BATE

    0 : 4

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    Belarusian Championship
    Matchday 9

    15 may 2021, 20:30

    Referee: Kulbakov A.

    VS Rukh


    14-05-2021, 13:30

    Sport Complex Olympiyskiy (Minsk)


    Belarusian Championship
    Matchday 10

    19 may 2021, 20:45

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    Belarusian Cup

    23 may 2021, 19:00
    Tsentralnyi (Gomel)

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    (Minsk District)

    Belarusian Championship
    Matchday 11

    29 may 2021, 17:00

    VS Slaviya

Belarusian Champ.

Team Pld Pts
1 Shakhtyor 8 24
2 Dinamo Mn 8 17
3 BATE 8 17
4 Gomel 8 15
5 Rukh 8 15
6 Dynamo Br 8 14
7 Isloch 8 12
8 Torpedo-BelAZ 8 11
9 Vitebsk 8 9
10 Minsk 8 9
11 Energetik-BGU 8 6
12 Neman 8 6
13 Slutsk 8 6
14 Slaviya 8 5
15 Smorgon 8 4
16 Sputnik 8 3
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