Artsiom Radzkou: the team did it

19 july 2013 22:30

Artsiom Radzkou: the team did it

BATE defender on the win against FC Dnepr Mogilev:

- No win is easy. Even if it looks like this from the stands. This win is something the whole team created. We attacked well and regrouped quickly for defence. The tempo was quite high. The only pity is that we conceded a goal in the very end of the match. But on the whole the opponents did not have any chances.

The Mogilev side is usually aimed at counterattacks. And today they were ready to use them. But we neutralized this menace. But our defense started up front. If you finish attack with a shot the opponents have less chances to run into a quick counter. This is nice we scored three goals, but it could have been even more.

I did not play for quite a time due to an injury. And when the team plays like this it is easy to come into the game again. I felt all right today.