Maksim Skavysh is the best player of FC BATE Borisov in September!

02 october 2020 11:00

Maksim Skavysh is the best player of FC BATE Borisov in September!

Striker Maksim Skavysh recognized as the best player of the Yellow-Blues in the first autumn month according to supporters' voting.

As all-time previously, after each match, authorized users of by putting marks determine the best player of the team. We, having examined the arithmetic average value of the marks of each individual player following to the results of the matches in September, got a table of the so-called supporters ranking. The table below reflects the desired indicator (the number of played matches is given in brackets). The list includes those who entered the pitch within this period at least two times.

1.Maksim SKAVYSH7,10 (4)
2.Dzianis SHCHARBITSKI6,95 (4)
3.Pavel NIAKHAICHYK6,43 (4)
4.Willum WILLUMSSON6,30 (4)
5.Nemanja MILIĆ6,23 (4)
Bojan NASTIĆ6,23 (3)
7.Yauhen YABLONSKI6,10 (4)
8.Hervaine MOUKAM6,03 (4)
9.Ryhor FILIPENKA5,90 (4)
10.Dzmitry BESSMERTNY5,73 (3)
11.Dzmitry BAHA5,68 (4)
12.Jakov FILIPOVIĆ5,60 (4)
13.Aleksandar FILIPOVIĆ5,58 (4)
14.Aliaksandr VALADZKO4,90 (3)
15.Bojan DUBAJIĆ4,50 (2)

We also present the overall ranking at the moment (only those who held at least 16 matches within season are included).

1.Ihar STASEVICH7,26 (25)
2.Dzianis SHCHARBITSKI7,19 (17)
3.Pavel NIAKHAICHYK6,88 (29)
4.Bojan NASTIĆ6,86 (28)
5.Nemanja MILIĆ6,82 (26)
6.Zakhar VOLKAU6,80 (18)
Yauhen YABLONSKI6,80 (26)
8.Maksim SKAVYSH6,67 (30)
9.Aleksandar FILIPOVIĆ6,66 (28)
10.Stanislau DRAHUN6,56 (26)
11.Jakov FILIPOVIĆ6,49 (17)
12.Dzmitry BAHA6,46 (29)
13.Willum WILLUMSSON6,33 (22)
14.Ryhor FILIPENKA6,29 (25)
15.Dzmitry BESSMERTNY6,09 (21)