Maksim Valadzko: failed to score

07 june 2014 23:00

Maksim Valadzko: failed to score

BATE midfielder Maksim Valadzko on the game against FC Neman Grodno (0-0):

- The result is unsatisfactory. This was a hard game for us in terms of goalscoring opportunities. We were closer to a victory and had some chances. But Neman also missed a couple of opportunities.

On the whole we did not manage to play through this defence. They really defended with a lot of people. We knew they were going to play like this and were prepared for that, but we lacked sharpness up front. We lacked aggression as well. Filip Mladenović were to be active on the flank, but we failed to deliver quality.

In the second half we thought only about attack. And left few defenders behind. Luckily we managed to prevent the opponents from using their counterattacks.