'We knew it will be hard'

18 july 2014 22:45

'We knew it will be hard'

BATE midfielder Illia Aleksiyevich commented on the game against Slutsk (3-1).

- We knew it will be very hard in Slutsk and prepared ourselves to a very hard game. We scored an early goal, had chanced to double the lead, but instead conceded an unnecessary goal. This could be very damaging, but we managed to come back with the second goal almost immediately.

The opponents are to be respected for the level of the game they showed against us. They did not just defended, they created a lot of good chances. The squad contains some players that are really good on the ball. This makes our win more precious.

It was quite hot today. That was a good rehearsal for the game in Albania. We know the stakes are very high this time. We will do all the best to get the needed result in UEFA Champions League.