'It took us a lot of effort'

06 august 2014 00:45

'It took us a lot of effort'

BATE goalkeeper Siarhei Chernik shared his impressions on the epic win against Debreceni VSC (3-1).

- Now I do not have any emotions. They are all in the pitch. 94th minute made me really crazy. Life is important because of such moments. I want to thank the 13000 crowd today. These are truly good fans. And let the rest just look at our success. I am not afraid of the negative things I hear about my play.

As for the penalty, I thought it was not there. But probably this is another trial for us that we went through. We studied Debreceni VSC, their good and weak points. After the first half we were determined to get the result that we needed to get to the play-off. And we did it.

Now we need to go on. I do not think about the next UEFA Champions League opponent. First of all FC Naftan Novopolotsk, then Dinamo Minsk and Dnepr Mogilev.