Aliakhnovich: help from the coaches

13 august 2014 22:20

Aliakhnovich: help from the coaches

BATE midfielder Edhar Aliakhnovich underlined the importance of the coaching staff in the win against FC Dinamo Minsk (2-0).

- The game was important for us in psychological aspect. If Dinamo had won, that would give them additional momentum. And on the whole the minskers are a archrival for us. We do not need anything special to face them. Everything is clear by itself. Dinamo always have a bunch of fantastic players and aim at the title. Anyway, the fate of the title was not decided in that game. We have a lot of matches to go.

I can feel how tired I am now. The game was really very hard. And you can tell it looking at the whole team. Maybe the game in Novopolotsk is the reason for that. When you play in such tough schedule, you will always have difficulties. And if the opponents are strong and do not give you the chance to work with the ball, this is really tough. We played today at some point as other teams love to play against us.

Udoji and Stasevich are great guys. I played with Stas at BATE and know him very well. But the coaching staff did their homework, we knew everything about their strong and weak points.

In the second half we could have scored another goal and answer all questions, but did not use opportunities. Radzionau had a good opportunity, but was just a bit unlucky hitting the post.

Now we are playing Dnepr on Saturday and of course we are aiming only at a win.