Khagush: I dribbled consciously

01 november 2014 18:30

Khagush: I dribbled consciously

BATE defender Anri Khagush commented on the won Belarusian Clasico (2-1).

- We have just positive emotions. As after any win. I think we played well and got a win. We played on counterattacks today. But the conceded goal frustrated us. Luckily, that was the only bad thing of the day. The match was a true Clasico. Dinamo and BATE could not have different matches. There were a lot of tackles, but that was a true men's football.

In the episode before I scored I really dribbled consciously and did not plan to pass. I shot and scored. That was difficult to guess if the ball would go into the goal, but in the end it did. After the score became 2-0 we needed just to keep the score. But I did not think we would win easily. We needed to be concentrated.

But we still have three games to go. We have to keep motivation and hit the main season target.