Aliakhnovich: we never stopped

22 november 2014 17:45

Aliakhnovich: we never stopped

BATE defender Edhar Aliakhnovich on the game against FC Gomel won 4-0:

- I think this is very important that we did not relax after grabbing the title. During the game with Gomel we still wanted to show our best and tried to entertain our supporters with a good game of football. We learned from our opponents in UEFA Champions League. Both Porto and Shakhtar Donetsk did not stop after they scored against us. And we wanted to continue attacking as well.

Today we had a lot of good things in the game. Created a lot of opportunities and scored goals. When I was scoring I was just intended to make a powerful shot. And then it is either in or out. But luck was on my side.

We are playing Porto on Borisov-Arena in three days. After the away game we need to make up in front of home crowd. We'll see if we are a success.