Maks Valadzko: pure reflex

18 june 2015 23:05

Maks Valadzko: pure reflex

BATE midfielder Maksim Valadzko commented on the game against FC Vitebsk won 4-0 at Borisov-Arena:

- I would not say that was an easy win, although we scored four goals and could have scored at least four more. I think we created enough opportunities up front. I did not expect Vitebsk would let us attack. They did not try to park a bus in their penalty box.

We are happy to gain a huge win. In previous games we had enough chances to score more. But failed to do that. Today we managed to do it finally. Hopefully we will continue this way.

In the dressing room during the break the coaching staff asked us not to relax to early. 2-0 is a good margin, but if we had conceded, that could have become difficult. We needed to score more, which we did. When I was scoring I relied on reflex. I understood I needed a dummy to get rid of the goalkeeper. I had to shoot with my right foot, but that was not very scary. Luckily the goal is seven meters wide.

I felt a bit tired after the international game against Spain. But on the whole I was fit enough. And the score added to emotions and energy.