Mladenović: we need to score earlier

29 june 2015 00:30

Mladenović: we need to score earlier

BATE defender Filip Mladenović commented on the game against FC Dinamo Brest won 1-0 at Borisov-Arena.

- I think the score does not reflect the situation on the pitch. If we had used all our opportunities, we would have won with a bigger margin. We had many opportunities to score. We are to score earlier. Otherwise the closer it comes to the final whistle, the more confident are the opponents. Luckily we managed to score in 60th minute. And then stopped a bit for no reason.

But three points taken are the most important thing. We are moving to our goal step by step. We want to score 4 goals in every game as we did against FC Vitebsk. Both we and spectators love football with many goals. But this does not happen always. We will work on it and try to become better. We are moving on and looking only forward.

Today I had chances to score. I shot twice with my right from outside of the box. I want to score very much. But I am not greedy as well. When I am in good position, always try to shoot.