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23 july 2015 02:30

Baha: we wanted to prove

BATE midfielder Dzmitry Baha commented on the game against Dundalk F.C. drawn 0-0 away:

- I think we played quite well today. But that was a hard game for us. Dundalk played in front of their home crowd which gave them tremendous support. Anyway, we managed to solve the puzzle and to make it to the next round. We had several good opportunities that we needed to convert into goals. But I have to admit the opponents also had a very good chance when Siarhei Chernik saved. These small things create the whole picture: someone saved, someone won a tackle, someone scored. And a qualification to the next round is a reward for that.

We wanted to prove we were just stronger and did not pay attention to the situation round Radzivonau's case. We knew we have Kolya Sihnevich as a quality backup. Dundalk motivated us for that. We were ready for anything that was going to happen. And performed much better than in the first game.

We understood a lot about the opponent in the first match and used this knowledge now successfully. First half was very good. The  second was not bad as well, but the price of a potential mistake increased manifolds. But we were fighting to the end and deserved this result.

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    Matchday 30

    01 december 2019, 14:00
    Torpedo (Zhodino)

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    1:2 BATE


    Torpedo-BelAZ — BATE

    0 : 2

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7 Gorodeya 30 44
8 Slaviya 30 37
9 Minsk 30 36
10 Neman 30 36
11 Slutsk 30 34
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16 Torpedo Mn 30 6
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