Mladenović: we need some rest

31 august 2015 23:40

Mladenović: we need some rest

BATE defender Filip Mladenović on the game against FC Belshina Bobruisk won 1-0 at Borisov-Arena.

- You could see how tough it was for us. We left a lot of emotions and force in Belgrade. Probably most games after the Champions League goes in the same way. We are very happy with the win. In such difficult matches you eventually win the titles. We have a big margin with FC Dinamo Minsk and move ahead.

In the first half we controlled possession, but failed to create chances. I think that was more ourselves than good Belshina defending. We made a lot of mistakes. After the break it went better. We had a couple of chances to score. And used a good opportunity to score.

After a pass from Misha Hardzeichuk and a touch from Aliaksandr Karnitski I was in front of goalkeeper. I did not look at him at that moment. I just shot and it turned out to be a goal. I haven't scored for some time, and netted a decider now. I hope this is not my last goal this season.

Now we go into international break. This is great as we need some rest. BATE played a lot of games in August and we feel some fatigue. And then to get prepared for UEFA Champions League games.