Mazaleuski: we showed our fighting spirit

08 may 2016 23:00

Mazaleuski: we showed our fighting spirit

FC BATE forward Dzmitry Mazaleuski commented on the game against SFC Slutsk won 3-0 at Borisov-Arena:

- This is another case we showed our winning spirit this season. We always fight until the very end and I believe we deserved the win. Especially in the way we played after the break. The first half was not the best. We lacked some freshness. We have a busy schedule at the moment and it influences us. But we do not have a right for point drops. And as we won we showed we have this fighting spirit.

Before the break we failed to open up and lost a lot of balls in the midfield. And that resulted in counterattacks by the opponents. We had to add movement and quickness. Luckily we succeeded in that after the break.

That was hard to break through the defence of the opponents. And when we scored we felt confidence. We missed a lot of chances in the cup game versus FC Naftan, but now we showed great finishing.