Rios: we are to blame ourselves

26 may 2017 23:10

Rios: we are to blame ourselves

FC BATE Borisov defender Alexei Rios commented on the game against FC Vitebsk lost 0-1 away.

- If you do not score then your opponents do. I understand this is a commonplace, but this is what we have. We had many opportunities in the first half, but leave Vitebsk empty-handed. And we are to blame only ourselves for that.

In the very end of the game we went forward to get the win, took risks and left few players back in defence. As a result we were punished for that. Counterattack a cross, a pass to the third player and there comes a goal. Frustration was really great after it. We went out to attack but were taken prisoners of war instead.

We controlled the game and made Vitebsk defend all the time. Probably we had to shoot more. We took the flanks, made a lot of passes. Probably the forwards had to be more aggressive. They should have done more runs into the box and take the ball to the net.

I do not feel I am in my best form at the moment as I had to miss several weeks due to an injury. It was a bit hard physically, and I lacked some playing tonus. I hope that I will gain fitness with every game.