Valadzko: we put an end to the bad streak

16 june 2017 21:30

Valadzko: we put an end to the bad streak

FC BATE Borisov midfielder Aliaksandr Valadzko commented on the game against FC Naftan Novopolotsk won 3-0 away:

- Pitch in Novopolotsk is quite slow, and it was hot. This is why the tempo was not that high. Nevertheless we created a lot of opportunities and could have scored even more. Asnin saved in some situations while in others bad finishing spoilt the moments. But the main thing is that we got a deserved win.

We aimed at quick goals and managed to score one. We marked up opponents on their half and tried not to give any time to think and even to raise their hand. My goal was timely. I rushed into free space waited for the pass assessed the goalkeeper's positions and tried to hit the far corner. It went well.

Today we were really determined to get a good result. We understand that we are in a wrong place in the table. Losing points was out of question. And we have lost twice recently. We had to break the unlucky streak. I hope we will start a long winning run with this win.