Artsiom Radzkou: frustrating goal

31 march 2013 20:05

Artsiom Radzkou: frustrating goal

- That was an important game. I think we deserved to win. This is really frustrating to concede in the dying seconds. And the goal is quite silly as well. Throw-in, won the ball, but the rebound was deadly for us. No one marked the opponent, and Trubilo shot easily. Terrible. On the whole the game was a good one. Maybe only in the end we were too defensive. We should have attacked more. Then Dinamo would not have the possibility to attack. But we have what we have.

I liked the atmosphere in the stadium. The crowd supported us well and the pitch was good. It was a great day to play some football. I hope the fans liked it. The result is negative, but this is football. I hope the spectators liked it.

Dinamo has a good team. They play a lot of long balls, the guys fight for the balls, use free zones. We were ready for that. And did not let them create a lot. There was in fact just one moment for them. And it was created almost by chance. We should concentrate on ourselves anyway.

Anyway, this will not break us. We are set to win the next game. And we are going to fight for the win every matchday. We will improve with every game.