Radzivonau: we were not good enough in attack

17 august 2017 23:30

Radzivonau: we were not good enough in attack

FC BATE Borisov captain Vitali Radzivonau commented on the game against FC Oleksandriya drawn 1-1 in UEFA Europa League play-off round first leg.

- As we had expected, the game was tough. And the fate of the encounter will be decided in a week's time in Ukraine. Honestly, this is hard to say something about the game at once. We need to watch video, to analyze everything. Then we will see what changed in our game.

We saw everything we planned in FC Oleksandriya. This is a physically strong team. Unfortunately we failed to get a positive result. We had to score after the break, but we were not creative enough in the attack. This can explain small amount of opportunities we had.

1-1 gives Oleksandriya some advantage. But we are determined to get a result we need. We will get prepared with the help of the information we got today. And we strongly believe in a result that gives us a chance to get to UEL Group Stage. It cannot be different.