Rios: apologies for such a poor performance

20 august 2017 21:20

Rios: apologies for such a poor performance

FC BATE Borisov defender Alexey Rios commented on the game against FC Krumkachy Minsk lost 2-3 at Borisov Arena:

- First of all I would like to apologize to the city and our supporters for such a display. That was a shame to look into the eyes of other players in the dressing room. This is just a nightmare, there is no and there cannot be any excuses for that.

We kind of controlled the game in the first half, but lacked really good opportunities. As a result the opponents ran into counterattacks and punished us. We got a very hard blow and after the break wanted to come back into the game. And at first we managed to do it and quickly equalized. But then conceded one more goal

But until the final whistle we believed that we will manage to change the flow of the game. Maybe we crossed too often in the final minutes. But we had some chances. Unfortunatley, luck was not on our side. And our finishing left much to be desired. Now we do not have any other choice than work hard in the training sessions and try to become better for the upcoming games.

Today I returned to the pitch after a monthly pause I had due to an injury. That was a bit tough for sure. But the leg was all right. I hope I will become fitter with every game.