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Radzivonau: it is never easy with Torpedo-BelAZ

FC BATE Borisov captain Vital Radzivonau commented on the game against FC Torpedo-BelAZ Zhodino won 2-1 in extra-time at Borisov-Arena in Belarusian Cup last 16:

- Today as on Monday game it was an even game. But we used our opportunities better. It was really great we did not panic after the goal conceded. We tried to put pressure on the opponent, and when Mikalai Sihnevich appeared in the pitch we managed to score and make it 1-1.

In the extra-time and luckily managed to score one more goal. In that episode Ivanić could have shot himself or to make a pass. And that made moment more difficult for the goalkeeper. Ivanić decided to pass - and thanks to him for that. Cup quarterfinals are not the biggest deal for FC BATE. But every win brings positive emotions. Torpedo-BelAZ is one of the most organized Belarusian teams. This is always difficult to oppose them. This is why success is twice pleasant.

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