Skavysh: I will work hard to progress

18 april 2018 22:20

Skavysh: I will work hard to progress

FC BATE Borisov forward Maksim Skavysh commented on the game vs FC Neman Grodno won 2-0 at Borisov Arena in the 1st leg of Belarusian Cup Semifinal:

- We expected the Grodno side to play really recklessly. I think we opposed them with quality football and earned a deserved win. Although it wasn't without a frustration. First of all it is the injury of Rios. We believe that Lyosha will recover as soon as possible.

Our bad finishing was also a concern. If we had scored even a half of our chances and make second leg easier. I had a great chance before the break. Unfortunately I made a shot that could have been better. I saw an opponent coming from the left and shot. And we have to give credit to Neman goalkeeper who made a great save.

Definitely I feel some tension because cannot score this season. This is important for a forward. But I try to move on and to work hard. And hopefully soon I'll break it!