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The coaching staff of FC BATE Borisov first team is completed

The helmsman of the Yellow-Blues Vitali Zhukouski has decided on his assistants.

11 january 2021 13:20

Aliaksandr Valadzko finished his professional football career

The 2020 was the last year for this experienced midfielder as FC BATE Borisov player.

11 january 2021 10:50

Dzmitry Likhtarovich remains unattainable by the number of matches in the role of FC BATE Borisov captain

Ihar Stasevich secured the second place, Aliaksandr Yermakovich - the third.

10 january 2021 15:00

‘To live by the present, to work on the maximum’

Video version of the press conference of FC BATE Borisov head coach Vitali Zhukouski.

09 january 2021 19:50

Radzivonau – the most valuable player of FC BATE Borisov, Skavysh reached a hundred points, Niakhaichyk is close to this milestone

The Professor's record survived despite the pressure of Stasevich.

09 january 2021 14:00

For attention of the media sources

We invite media representatives to the press conference of Vitali Zhukouski.

09 january 2021 10:00

All goals of FC BATE Borisov first team in 2020

The main squad of the Yellow-Blues scored 82 goals last season.

07 january 2021 12:30

Siamion Lazarchyk – a player of FC BATE Borisov

Introducing young newcomer of our club.

06 january 2021 18:15

Dzmitry Baha left FC BATE Borisov

The defensive midfielder parted ways with our team upon expiry of his contract term.

05 january 2021 17:00

Ihar Stasevich – the best assistant of FC BATE Borisov, Pavel Niakhaichyk is already on the 6th place

Before parting with our club, Stasevich set a domestic record.

04 january 2021 14:00

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