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UEFA Europe League. Last 32
21.02.2013 23:05
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FC BATE — Fenerbahce

Pld W D L Pld  
2 0 1 1 0-1  
Date Tournament Pitch Score FC BATE Fenerbahce
21.02.2013 UEL a 0:1 Cristian B. 46+'
14.02.2013 UEL h 0:0
Fenerbahce 1 : 0  FC BATE
Istanbul. "Sukru Saracoglu"
Attendance: 0
Referee: Gautier A.
Linesmen: Gringore С., Harchay F., Duhamel L., Thual O.
4th official: Jeanne Р.
Referee observer: Farina S.
Delegate: Ospelt R.
94+’ Volkan D. (GK) (C) 1
25’ Egemen K. 2
Mehmet Topal 5
76’ Yobo J. 6
85’ Sow M. 7
85’ Caner E. 88
Dirk К. 11
Cristian B. 16
Ziegler R. 33
57’ 63’ Salih U. 48
89’ 63’ Selcuk S. 21
Gоkhan G. 77
78’ Webо Р. 99
78’ Semih S. 23
35 Harbunou A. (GK) 45’
5 Yurevich A. (C) 75’
9 Aleksiyevich I. 75’
41 Haiduchyk V.
21 Filipenka R.
18 Bardachou M. 84’ 47’
13 Mazaleuski D. 84’
25 Baha D. 17’ 20’
23 Aliakhnovich E. 64’
77 Rudzik F.
8 Valadzko A. 64’ 9’
17 Paulau A. 64’
15 Hleb A.
20 Radzivonau V.
Subs not used
Mert G. 34
Stoch M. 9
Recep N. 17
Serdar K. 53
34 Saroka A.
11 Badoyan Z.
33 Paliakou D.
42 Valadzko M.
Kocaman Aykut
Hancharenka Viktar
46+' Cristian B. (Sow M.)

BATE had to face Fenerbahce in unique scenery of empty stands. The Turkish was punished by UEFA for disturbances in the group match against Borussia Monchengladbach and had to play the match without spectators. The fans of the Yellow Canaries were represented only by the banners on the stands, the biggest of which read 'as if we were here'.

The Borisovites had just one substitution in comparison with the Grodno game. Vitali Haiduchyk took the place of suspended Artsiom Radzkou.

The Belarusian side started off well earning a couple of good set-pieces. Unfortunately, the team of Viktar Hancharenka did not manage to use them. Vitali Radzionau was quite active upfront. The hotshot striker had a couple of nice opportunities, but missed the target.

The game went according to a completely different scenario after Dzmitry Baha received two yellow cards in a row for unenforced fouls. With a one man disadvantage BATE attacked less, but managed to do good job in the defense. Fenerbahce had just a couple of chances to score, but Harbunou was confident. It was BATE goalkeeper who cancelled out a good Sow effort.

Nevertheless, at the very end of the first half Fenerbahce managed to score. Sow made a breakthrough into the box and Harbunou had to foul on him. Christian Baroni was confident from the spot taking his team ahead.

In the beginning of the second half BATE were active again. Filip Rudzik had the best opportunity of the game, but Volkan Demirel managed to clear his effort over the crossbar. Fenerbahce answered with a fantastic combination which was crowned by Baroni's shot into the crossbar.

After that the match was stopped for some minutes because of pyrotechnics launched by the fans of Fenerbahce outside the stadium.

The coaches of BATE tried to do all possible efforts to come back into the game and put a lot of pressure on Fenerbahce defense. The yellow-blues from Belarus in spite of having one player less tried to shoot more. Viktar Hancharenka took two defenders off the pitch and gave way for forward Dzmitry Mazaleuski and midfielder Illia Aleksiyevich. Unfortunately, this was also in vain.

BATE lost 0-1 and finished the 2012/13 UEFA Competitions campaign. The Yellow Blues will play their next official match in 2013 in the Belarusian Supercup against FC Naftan Novopolotsk on 17 March.

Viktar Hancharenka, BATE Head coach:
— I have weird feelings. We made a lot of mistakes today, and with this quality of passing it is difficult to set up attacks. I do not have the explanation for that, and usually it is hard to voice the reason for a defeat write after the match. I think we were prepared quite good for the match. We spent a lot of time training and I cannot say we lacked preparation. Today we had two players making their debut for the first team in an official match. Vitali Haiduchyk played the whole match and all in all he was quite confident. Illia Aleksiyevich was also active and tried to attack, but he appeared at the time when we did not have full backs and he had to pay attention to the defence. I cannot say much about how Fenerbahce will do in the next round as the opponents are quite strong and small things can decide the outcome of the match.

FC BATE 0:0 Fenerbahce
Fenerbahce 1:0 FC BATE

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Player Substitutions G P PG PNS GC ПП ОП О
35 Harbunou A. 1 0
5 Yurevich A. 75' 0
9 Aleksiyevich I. 75' 0
41 Haiduchyk V. 0
21 Filipenka R. 0
18 Bardachou M. 84' 0
13 Mazaleuski D. 84' 0
25 Baha D. 0
23 Aliakhnovich E. 0
77 Rudzik F. 0
8 Valadzko A. 64' 0
17 Paulau A. 64' 0
15 Hleb A. 0
20 Radzivonau V. 0

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    Belarusian Championship
    Matchday 30

    28 november 2020, 14:00
    Minsk. National Olympic Stadium "Dinamo"

    Referee: Stetsurin S.

    Dinamo Mn
    Dinamo Mn
    0:0 BATE


    Dinamo Mn — BATE

    4 : 2

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Belarusian Champ.

Team Pld Pts
1 Shakhtyor 30 59
2 BATE 30 58
3 Torpedo-BelAZ 30 56
4 Dinamo Br 30 54
5 Neman 30 53
6 Dinamo Mn 30 52
7 Isloch 30 45
8 Rukh 30 44
9 Slaviya 30 39
10 Energetik-BGU 30 38
11 Minsk 30 38
12 Vitebsk 30 36
13 Gorodeya 30 31
14 Slutsk 29 27
15 Belshina 30 21
16 Smolevichi 29 14
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