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Belarusian Championship. Matchday 12
22.06.2019 17:00
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BATE — Isloch

Pld W D L Pld  
15 8 4 3 27-17  
Date Tournament Pitch Score BATE Isloch
18.10.2020 BCh a 2:2 Skavysh M. 20', Skavysh M. 51' Makas A. 19', Kuzmenok I. 69'
31.05.2020 BCh h 1:0 Milić N. 39'
03.11.2019 BCh h 2:4 Drahun Stan. 24', Skavysh M. 39' Makas A. 6', Makas A. 47', Stephen G. 72', Yansané M. 69'
22.06.2019 BCh a 0:0
14.03.2019 BC a 0:1 Komarovski D. 32'
09.03.2019 BC h 1:1 Willumsson W.-T. 34' Makas A. 36'
07.10.2018 BCh a 1:2 Rios A. 58' Komarovski D. 10', Komarovski D. 53'
28.05.2018 BCh h 1:1 Stasevich I. 22' Ziulev I. 56'
18.03.2018 BC h 2:1 Ivanić M. 62', Ivanić M. 65' Osipenko D. 28'
14.03.2018 BC a 2:1 Sihnevich M. 32', Sihnevich M. 39' Kholodinski A. 74'
18.09.2017 BCh a 2:0 Sihnevich M. 44', Sihnevich M. 60'
10.05.2017 BCh h 2:0 Rocheu M. 1', Hardzeichuk M. 67'
02.10.2016 BCh h 4:1 Gvilia V. 32', Hardzeichuk M. 28', Stasevich I. 87', Radzivonau V. 94+' Komarovski D. 24'
21.09.2016 BC h 4:2 Jyhera A. 11', Gvilia V. 24', Jyhera A. 50', Radzivonau V. 82' Yasyukevich V. 25', Blizniuk H. 74'
07.07.2016 BCh a 3:1 Valadzko A. 13', Radzivonau V. 45', Radzivonau V. 50' Makar D. 2'
Isloch 0 : 0  BATE
Minsk. FC Minsk Stadium
Attendance: 2100
Referee: Dolia D.
Linesmen: Voiteshonok A., Zagorelski D.
4th official: Kovalev E.
Referee observer: Letiago F.
Khatkevich Y. (GK) 1
18’ Shagoiko A. 2
Yanushkevich A. 4
79’ Bychenok A. 7
79’88’ Theo Maia 21
88’ John W. 52
Makarov Serg. 8
70’ Slabashevich A. 13
70’ Rekish D. 19
69’ Komarovski D. (C) 15
Karpovich S. 17
Stephen G. 22
43’ Kantsavy S. 26
Yansané M. 99
35 Chychkan A. (GK)
4 Filipović A.
5 Yablonski Y.
8 Drahun Stan. 75’
7 Biarozkin Y. 75’ 84’
11 Saroka A. 70’
9 Dubajić B. 70’
17 Rios A.
21 Filipenka R.
22 Stasevich I. (C)
23 Volkau Z.
25 Baha D.
26 Milić N. 54’
15 Skavysh M. 54’
Subs not used
Kurshubadze D. 81
Papush A. 5
Kholodinski A. 11
Adams L. 55
28 Svirski A.
3 Jonassen E.
18 Willumsson W.-T.
94 Moukam H.
Zhukovski Vitali
Baha Aliaksei

Aliaksei BAHA (FC BATE):

- First of all, I will say about the absence, due to serious reasons, on the home team bench the head coach Vitali Zhukovsky. I wish him the fastest recovery! In addition to the football field and points, there are children, family and health exist - this is the most important. Let he gets well very soon! I know Vitali since childhood. And it's unpleasant to hear that your peer is lying under droppers.

As for the game, there were concerns about our emotional emasculation after a home match against Shakhtyor Soligorsk. There was enough time, but it affected. In addition, however banal it may sound, the transition from natural grass, when the pitch is watered, the ball slights, it breathes well, to such fields does not add both entertainment and content. In no case looking for excuses. A good match with a very organized team, so as it is, so it is. Plus, we did not use our moments, which is very important in such viscous, dense confrontations.

- How do you evaluate a play of BATE in the attack?
- There were not enough of content. I want to understand what the reason was. There were little interactions, slowly played. As for me, the pitch carpet does not add benefits. Even if we consider some matches, non-enchanting about goals but at Borisov Arena, when starts on eight in the evening, the field is watered, advertising is going on, then this is a completely different football, including perception.

- Do you have any concerns on the eve of European Club Competitions?
- Guys, ECC is another story. Every year there is no concerns - but expectations. Now we got a serious enough rival. No worries. Against the same Soligorsk and Slutsk we scored three times, we created a lot moments. To have concerns after one game is probably not entirely correct.

- You said about psychological emasculation after the match with Shakhtyor. But was there really no motivation to take revenge for the Cup from Isloch?
- You know, you can say the word "motivation", beat on the trash can or on the sides - it's all goes to the air. Physiology can not be fooled. If you gave yourself completely, I was happy, I didn't sleep until three or four o'clock in the morning ... Although I will say it again: there was enough time. This is by no means an excuse. My job is to bring people to the next game in two days, in four days. But such moments are present. It is a sport, and not so that at one pace sat down, sat and went home. Each match is piece of life, moreover we met with Shakhtyor, a strong rival. While finished, while that and that. However, we argue about today's match. I do not make excuses and do not say that this is the main reason. There are no complaints towards the guys. Everyone wanted, put himself on all that he could. Created moments, albeit mistaken, albeit somewhere acted unorganized. But there is something that is. These are my guys - and they are still the best.

- It seemed that you sighed several times after the unsuccessful decisions of Rios.
- I would not like to point out anyone. Just some episodes did not dictate such development, I wanted something more. Regardless of whether Rios is or someone else. In no case team should not be divided on the defense, the first eleven or reserves. If it happened, then it happened to everyone.

- This year Isloch is not the first time to drink your team blood. What is in this team that you can not win?
- I would say about the structure of Isloch, about what way the team developed from the region competitions and what it achieved. They work great, great coaching staff. Well done. They improve on organization, started trainings camps abroad. It is just hard work. Let there be an epithet "inconvenient" or some else, but I would not make parallels Isloch - BATE. At some time before, they can beat Brest, Shakhtyor. Work from year to year led to the fact that the club is among the leaders of the championship and looks very convincing.

- It also seems as though here, at Mayakovka, BATE is experiencing a certain discomfort.
- Believe me, it is impossible to add emotions to the guys when you have a dressing room on the second floor, with an opponent - on the third one. When you sit in some like corridor. Let's face the thruth. Have you seen at least one stadium, where you sit in two dressing rooms, and your rival is under you? With all due respect, there should be no such thing. Yesterday the match Energetic - Torpedo was. Is it normal to watch the big leagues, when there is a parking lot nearby, they pass to the driving license and the ball flies? Once again: I do not make excuses.

- In the last 15 minutes of the first half, Isloch had more possession of the ball. What is the reason?
- Directions to bring the ball to opponent were not given. It happened. Fatigue accumulated, wrong decisions were made. Plus we provided Isloch with a lot of space. The rival has enough skillful guys ahead who created these troubles. We all lacked something.

- In two hours, the match between Shakhtyor and Dynamo Brest begins. Whom will you support?
- No one. Enough of own affairs. We need to go to Rechitsa for the Cup, then Vitebsk, and soon the Polish team will fly. What is happening in other cities, naturally, does not pass by, but in order to sit down and support for someone - no. There is something to do for ourselves.

- The II European Games started in the country. Are you planning to go to some competitions?
- While I just carried the Games fire on the Borisov-Arena. I do not know how it will turn out. There are many objects around, but every day we go to Dudinka, which takes powers. If cyclists will roll along the street nearby, then with pleasure I applauce them from the balcony.

Energetik-BGU 2:1 Torpedo Mn
Neman 1:3 Gorodeya
Isloch 0:0 BATE
Dinamo Mn 0:3 Torpedo-BelAZ
Shakhtyor 0:0 Dynamo Br
Slutsk 1:0 Minsk
Vitebsk 2:1 Dnyapro
Gomel 2:2 Slaviya

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Player Substitutions G P PG PNS GC ПП ОП О
35 Chychkan A. 8.9
4 Filipović A. 7.3
5 Yablonski Y. 6.7
8 Drahun Stan. 75' 6.6
7 Biarozkin Y. 75' 5.8
11 Saroka A. 70' 4.2
9 Dubajić B. 70' 6
17 Rios A. 6
21 Filipenka R. 7.1
22 Stasevich I. 7.5
23 Volkau Z. 7.5
25 Baha D. 7.2
26 Milić N. 54' 5.6
15 Skavysh M. 54' 5.9

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    Belarusian Cup

    07 march 2021, 14:30
    Minsk. FC Minsk Stadium

    Referee: Vasilevich A.

    - Vitebsk
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