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1 : 1
UEFA Champions League. 1st Qualifying Round
10.07.2019 20:00
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BATE — Piast

Pld W D L Pld  
2 1 1 0 3-2  
Date Tournament Pitch Score BATE Piast
17.07.2019 UCL a 2:1 Moukam H. 82', Volkau Z. 87' Czerwiński J. 21'
10.07.2019 UCL h 1:1 Drahun Stan. 64' Parzyszek P. 36'
BATE 1 : 1  Piast
Attendance: 11529
Referee: Kalkavan M.
Linesmen: Sancaktar E., Çiçek S.
4th official: Kardeşler A.
Referee observer: Deaconu A.
Delegate: Fagan A.
Chychkan A. (GK) 35
43’ Filipović A. 4
Yablonski Y. 5
76’ 90’ Drahun Stan. 8
57’ Dubajić B. 9
57’ Skavysh M. 15
Rios A. 17
11’ Filipenka R. 21
11’ Simović S. 27
Stasevich I. (C) 22
Volkau Z. 23
15’ Baha D. 25
66’ Moukam H. 94
66’ Milić N. 26
26 Plach F. (GK)
2 Kirkeskov M. 53’
4 Czerwiński J. 57’
5 Pietrowski M. (C)
6 Hateley T.
9 Parzyszek P. 85’
90 Aquino D. 85’
10 Dziczek P. 61’ 56’
18 Sokołowski P. 61’
11 Félix J.
17 Valencia J. 90’
21 Badía G. 90’
20 Konczkowski M.
88 Korun U.
Subs not used
Shcharbitski D. 48
Jonassen E. 3
Biarozkin Y. 7
Willumsson W.-T. 18
1 Szmatuła J.
14 Holubek J.
22 Mokwa T.
23 Huk T.
Baha Aliaksei
Fornalik Waldemar
64' Drahun Stan. (Stasevich I.)
Parzyszek P. 36'

Aliaksei BAHA (FC BATE):

- How great is your disappointment with the outcome of the match?
- Perhaps, such epithets will be thrown in a week later, if failure occurs. And so, an ordinary European result takes place with a fairly strong opponent, a champion of its country. Naturally, everything could have been better for us. But at the same time, we give an account of who we played with.

- Did you expect from the first minutes that Piast will possess the ball?
- It is quite a normal situation when the opponent either plays strictly on defense, or, acting impudently, attacks a lot. Were ready for both options.

- How serious is the damage of Filipenka?
- Tomorrow in the morning, Ryhor will undergo an examination. Then we will know the exact diagnosis. And so far it is difficult to judge. One thing is clear: there is a problem with knee joint.

- The end of the match was very emotional. What was the reason for this? Maybe the case in the referee who did not keep control of the game?
- Even with this ending, I would not say a word about refereeing. All that happened is only our business. This is our job, our kitchen. We will handle with this and improve our game in order to pass next round.

- You clutched at the head when the judge sent-off Drahun. Was it a reaction to the situation or the realization that you could not count on Stanislau's help in Gliwice?
- Neither one nor the other. Just succumbed to the emotions that at that moment reigned on the field. There was no panic mood.

- Coach of GKS Piast Gliwice believes that his team has won the first part of the two-legs standoff. Do you feel like a loser with a home result of 1:1?
- Not. Given that the guests scored, a colleague can afford such a statement. This is normal. As for us, I do not see any moods that can drive into a dead end. We scored a lot of goals on away matches, and even in very difficult situations, playing before a large audience. In principle, about the first part was said correctly. But there is still a match in Poland.

- Why after leaving the injured Filipenka you were sent Yablonski to the center of defense, and Simović started to play in the support zone? And how much did a Serbian do his job?
- The position of the central defender for Yablonski is not new. He spent there a lot of matches. Simović did not play for a long time. But Slobodan is an experienced football player - he has been training for a long time, nothing prevents him. Moreover, not so long ago he participated in a cup match, whatever the level of the game. Plus Simović - tall football player. And it was important to have such a player on "standards" towards our goals, with long passes to the attackers of the Piast.

- Stas Drahun is an important player for BATE, often attacking from the bottom, scoring. And today he demonstrated it. How the loss of such a football player can play a key role in the second leg? And does it mean that, in addition to him, the match in Poland will also miss Filipenka?
- As I have already said, the possibility of Filipenka's participation in the return match will be known only tomorrow after the survey. As for Drahun, he will miss the match, as he has a red card. On the one hand, the absence of such strong players, team leaders, of course, is in itself unpleasant. But, on the other hand, strong and experienced teams with whom we associate ourselves, such personnel problems can mobilize the team and even have a positive effect. We have someone to replace the lost guys, and, I am sure, without loss in quality.

- In comparison with the recent match with Dinamo-Minsk you made only one substitution. Do not you think that the team did not have time to recover physically, and maybe even emotionally after such a game?
- That match we had on 5th July, today - the 10th. Playing four days later on the fifth is a great schedule. Therefore, in physical form there was no alarm. The fact that we achieved a victory over Dinamo ... I do not think that it took away so many emotions that we did not have time to restore them. Yes, this was not an ordinary championship game. At the same time, there was no breakthrough in terms of results. And to restore the strength we had enough time. Therefore, I do not see any problems.

BATE 1:1 Piast
Piast 1:2 BATE

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Player Substitutions G P PG PNS GC ПП ОП О
35 Chychkan A. 1 8.8
4 Filipović A. 7.7
5 Yablonski Y. 7.2
8 Drahun Stan. 1 8.2
9 Dubajić B. 57' 6.1
15 Skavysh M. 57' 7.5
17 Rios A. 6.5
21 Filipenka R. 11' 6.8
27 Simović S. 11' 7.1
22 Stasevich I. 1 8.4
23 Volkau Z. 7.2
25 Baha D. 6.8
94 Moukam H. 66' 7.3
26 Milić N. 66' 6.9

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    Belarusian Championship
    Matchday 30

    28 november 2021, 13:00

    Referee: Shcherbakov D.

    4:0 Vitebsk


    BATE — Vitebsk

    3 : 1

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Belarusian Champ.

Team Pld Pts
1 Shakhtyor 30 75
2 BATE 30 65
3 Dinamo Mn 30 62
4 Gomel 30 59
5 Rukh 30 58
6 Dynamo Br 30 38
7 Vitebsk 30 37
8 Torpedo-BelAZ 30 36
9 Slutsk 30 35
10 Isloch 30 34
11 Neman 30 34
12 Minsk 30 33
13 Energetik-BGU 30 33
14 Slaviya 30 32
15 Smorgon 30 21
16 Sputnik 30 7
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