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2 : 1
UEFA Champions League. 2nd Qualifying Round
24.07.2019 20:00
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BATE — Rosenborg

Pld W D L Pld  
2 1 0 1 2-3  
Date Tournament Pitch Score BATE Rosenborg
31.07.2019 UCL a 0:2 Helland P. 73', Søderlund А. 85'
24.07.2019 UCL h 2:1 Stasevich I. 5', Skavysh M. 51' Konradsen A. 25'
BATE 2 : 1  Rosenborg
Attendance: 12696
Referee: Schärer S.
Linesmen: Zogaj В., Dettamanti D.
4th official: Tschudi L.
Referee observer: Wegereef J.
Delegate: Dojčinovski V.
Chychkan A. (GK) 35
Filipović A. 4
Yablonski Y. 5
Drahun Stan. 8
85’ Skavysh M. 15
85’ Tuominen J. 24
Rios A. 17
Stasevich I. (C) 22
Volkau Z. 23
Baha D. 25
78’ Milić N. 26
78’ Moukam H. 94
22’ Simović S. 27
1 Hansen A. (GK)
2 Hedenstad V. 13’
3 Meling B.
4 Reginiussen T.
7 Jensen M. (C)
8 Konradsen A.
11 de Lanlay Y.-E. 77’
10 Helland P. 77’
14 Søderlund А. 4’
16 Hovland E.
17 Akintola D. 64’
28 Adegbenro S. 64’
25 Lundemo M.
Subs not used
Chernik S. 16
Jonassen E. 3
Biarozkin Y. 7
Bessmertny D. 19
Khodzhaniiazov D. 57
24 Østbø A.
5 Denić Đ.
15 Trondsen A.
19 Valsvik G.
22 Åsen G.
Baha Aliaksei
Horneland Eirik
5' Stasevich I. (Volkau Z.)
51' Skavysh M. (Stasevich I.)
Konradsen A. 25'

Aliaksei BAHA (FC BATE):

- From the outside, it seemed that today's match turned out to be slightly easier for FC BATE than the home game with GKS Piast ...
- Too deceptive impression. Very hard match. We played with a fairly high level opponent. Victory ... However, this is only the first part of the confrontation, and we do not know how the return battle will be. Nevertheless, the victory over such an opponent is another page in the history of our club.

- During the starting twenty minutes FC BATE has looked great and could probably take off all the questions about winner. However, you scored only once, and then, alas, conceded. How much does it bother you?
- I do not bother. To take off all questions in 20 minutes at the UEFA Champions League match is generally unrealistic. Not with any team! These are our some strange rose-colored glasses and fantasies. The standoff lasts 180 minutes, and you have to play with the champion of a European country. And in 20 minutes you can only take off ... I wanted to give a bad example ... In general, this is all wrong.

- Chychkan, but not Chernik. Why? And did Chychkan earn the right to play in the second leg match?
- Chernik only joined FC BATE yesterday. Siarhei after France had some minor health problems, so he was undergoing treatment. He had no training base in principle. Now Chernik is healthy, ready to train and get fit. The fact that Chychkan defended the goals before this, and the playing tone for the goalkeeper is very important, turned out to be decisive in the selection.

- Psychologically for Anton was it important to play today?
- I would not like to put the question in such manner. In principle, how the situation developed - the person trained, prepared, played previous matches, I think our decision was logical for Chychkan, an for Chernik, and for the whole team.

- Especially in the first half, your team created several dangerous moments after the "standards". Did you somehow note during players instructions that Rosenborg BK in the defense of their goals in this component is not very strong?
- I will not discover America when I say that in modern football "standards" are a formidable weapon. Therefore, we tried to squeeze out some dividends to the maximum. Sometimes it turned out to create sharp moments, holding the opponent's defenses in suspense. Now "standards" - an additional trump card in the sleeve. Especially, when you have a performer of such a level as Stasevich.

- Rosenborg BK seemed very similar to FC BATE, including in playing style. And the game was, in generally, equal. How much did you expect that from your opponent?
- I expected it for one hundred percent. This team is very playing. Yesterday at the pre-match press conference, answering a similar question, I said that there are a lot of systemic points in Rosenborg BK. For example, they play according to a playing model similar to ours. In addition, they are winners of a strong championship. The only thing that always makes difference is when you look at the team on the video and watch its game live.

- Compare, please, GKS Piast and Rosenborg BK. Which of these teams seems more masterful and strong?
- It will not be entirely correct with respect to the players of the teams and the coaches working in them, if I compare our past and current rivals. Therefore, I will refrain. I emphasize once again: we passed the Polish champions, there are still 90 minutes left, and maybe more, of contest with Rosenborg BK. Both teams are very strong and masterful. Very good specialists work there.

- Skavysh started as a winger at the second leg match with GKS Piast. Then in the course of the game he became the center forward. Today he took this position from the first minutes. Why so was decided? And how do you like his play?
- For Maks, this position is not new. He is a striker, if you remember the last part of his career. This is firstly. Secondly, two Rosenobrg BK wing defenders play very highly and actively. As a result, leave enough free zones behind their backs. And Skavysh, as you know, is a fast football player. He's just good when there is enough space. And we counted on that.

- The head coach Rosenborg BK said that in the next match his team will try to show rock-n-roll. Continuing the musical analogies, in what style will FC BATE play? Also in rock-n-roll or hard rock, grunge, classic?
- Muliavin's "Pesniary" - "My youth, Belorussia".

- Unlike the fight with GKS Piast, it seems that you have not lost anyone today because of injuries or disqualifications. Will it be easier to prepare for the second leg?
- Of course, easier. When, for one reason or another, people drop out of squad, some kind of nervousness arises. Immediately pops up a thousand of some options that may be wrong. And when there is a full cage and people are healthy, they should just be restored. But even after such a hard match, which turned out to be victorious, it is easier to recover. It's good.

- And the fact that in Norway there is no need to win necessarily?
- No, I would not talk about it at all. Only the first part of our confrontation is over. When the breakdown of forecasts begins, it is more related to Kramnik with Gelfand. They can do this ...

- In Poland, Moukam came on to the pitch to save and finish the opponent. And what was his task now? Counterattack?
- Not. Milić asked for substitution. He had a very volume match. As you have seen, the left back of the Rosenborg BK plays well on attack. Nemanja almost closed him. But closer to the final whistle the forces began to leave Milić. Therefore, we made a replacement for this position, releasing Moukam. Of course, if it was necessary, Milić would finish the match until the end of the fight, he would able to endure. But when you see that a football player is tired, and he confirms this, then in order not to harm, you need to release fresher player.

- Once again, Stasevich showed a high level. Do you have an explanation how he does it?
- Yes, there is no need for any explanation. It is necessary to publicly say that the Belarusian footballer leads the list of the best assistants, is in some tops charts. He should be praised, put for the example of young people. The younger generation should take an example from Stasevich, Drahun, Hleb, Zhaunou. And for some reason we constantly raise up someone else, and when our footballer does something, we explain that either the opponent is weak or we scored "lanterns" [easy goals]. I think it is necessary to speak louder about Ihar's skill, his training, his nutrition, his training process. Here is the explanation. It is necessary to praise our own people more often and show them as an example of youth. As for Stasevich, he loves football, likes to win, loves to give assists and score. The most important thing for a football player is the absence of indifference, when every day he lives by playing.

- In today's fight, the absence of Filipenka no longer bothers you?
- This is not the first match without Yahor. And yet the loss of a player of this level is always a problem and a misfortune. Moreover, Filipenka has not just some kind of bruise, but an injury that required surgery in the knee joint and implies a long-term recovery. Of course, this is a problem. But we have to cope without Filipenka. We have no other way out. Today, Yahor flew in from Italy, arrived from the airport at once in Borisov, was with the team in the dressing room. Anyway, he is with us. We wish him a speedy recovery! His age is chic, awesome experience. God bless, heal quickly. Filipenka is a crazy assistant.

- Anton Chychkan made a big step forward, had a very strong match. How much did you expect from him? And can he become a full-fledged main goalkeeper of FC BATE?
- I expected it for one hundred percent. Of course, Anton can become the main goalkeeper of not only FC BATE, but also the National Team of Belarus.

- After the 70th minute, your team is thoroughly gone down. Why did this happen?
- This is the final quarter of the match. The game situation dictated Rosenborg BK to go ahead and try to score in order to gain an advantage over a home match. The Norwegians controlled the ball well, and without this one, it was always harder to play. We were in a position where we had to defend. In addition, we did not want to fully use all substitutions, since it is very difficult to enter into such kind of game. In principle, such situations are often found in football. The main thing in them is to endure, play, perform their immediate functions and achieve results.

- Both goals FC BATE scored on the starting segments of each half. Were you satisfied with how the team got into the game after leaving the dressing room?
- The first half we really started well. And about the second one, I would not say so. After all, the ball was controlled by Rosenborg BK, for several minutes we could not even go on the attack. Then, however, it was great to find Ihar Stasevich on the wing. He made a good dribbling; the assist was awesome to the opened Maksim Skavysh. We scored on such minutes - it's super. The match lasts 90 minutes, and you need to use every opportunity.

- Yesterday you dubbed Belarusian football as "Mayakovka children". Today during the first half a part of the floodlights was out of order at the Borisov-Arena. The same problem was not so long ago at the stadium of FC Minsk. Is this your prophecy or mere coincidence?
- Of course, a coincidence. And about the current atmosphere at the stadium you can only say words of praise. And the fact that such evenings happen in Belarus when a couple of lanterns are extinguished is okay. Awesome atmosphere, thanks people. When preparing for the game, it was nice to know that the tickets for the match are getting less and less, then - there is sold out, that the traffic police asks not to go to the stadium in cars to avoid traffic jams. This is one of the biggest advantages of tonight. It's fantastic! Historical evening. Let the signboard of the match is not the biggest, but I think we will meet somewhere in 25-30 years and for this we can raise a glass. This is actually a historic day. And to the people who came to support us, thank you so much!

BATE 2:1 Rosenborg
Rosenborg 2:0 BATE

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Player Substitutions G P PG PNS GC ПП ОП О
35 Chychkan A. 1 8.1
4 Filipović A. 8.1
5 Yablonski Y. 7
8 Drahun Stan. 7.5
15 Skavysh M. 85' 1 8.5
24 Tuominen J. 85' 6.7
17 Rios A. 6
22 Stasevich I. 1 1 1 9.4
23 Volkau Z. 1 8.9
25 Baha D. 7
26 Milić N. 78' 7.4
94 Moukam H. 78' 6.5
27 Simović S. 7.2

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    Belarusian Championship
    Matchday 30

    28 november 2021, 13:00

    Referee: Shcherbakov D.

    4:0 Vitebsk


    BATE — Vitebsk

    3 : 1

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