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Date of birth: 10.05.1995
Place of birth: Cherven
Citizenship: Belarus
Position: Midfielder, defender
Rank: Master of sport of international level
Number: 5
Debut in BATE First Team: 29.06.2014
First football school: Children and Youth Sports School (Cherven District)
First coach: Alexandr Bolotin
Height: 184
Weight: 82

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  • 1.Favourite club
    Now Arsenal FC, as a child used to like AC Milan

    2. Favourite player
    Jack Wilshere, before that it was Ronaldinho

    3. Favourite kind of sport but for football
    Tennis, ice-hockey

    4. Favourite sportsman (not football player)
    Roger Federer

    5. Most interesting match you've ever seen
    2005/06 UEFA Champions League final Barcelona - Arsenal. Alex Hleb was at that time a gunner.

    6. Most interesting match you've ever participated in
    Reserves game FC BATE against Dinamo Minsk in 2013 season. And U-18 EURO qualifier Belarus - Germany

    7. Favourite book
    The Master and Margarita

    8. Favourite writer
    Vasil Bykau

    9. Favourite musician
    Depends on the mood. Can be Basta or Grigori Leps

    10. Favourite film
    Legend #17 about Russian ice-hockey custodian Valeri Kharlamov

    11. Favourite actor (actress):
    Jason Statham

    12. Favourite dish
    Pancaces by my mom

    13. Best day of your life
    10 may 1995 - my birthday

    14. What did you want to be as a child?
    Only a football player

    15. Favourite car brand

    16. What would you like to learn?

    17. Favourite country (besides Motherland)

    18. The place you haven't been to but want to visit

    19. Most impressive city you've been to
    Saint Petersburg

    20. Most impressive stadium you've played at
    BATE new stadium Borisov-Arena

    21. Your life motto
    Move only forward!

    22. Favourite number

    23. Do you have any superstitious beliefs

    24. Which national do you support, but for yours?
    Brazil since childhood

    25. Your hobby
    Internet, books

    26. Your good features
    It is not me who is to speak on this topic

    27. Your bad features
    It is not me who is to speak on this topic

    28. What qualities do you considered to be the most important for you? And what don't you like most?
    Kindness, sincerity are important for me. I do not like liars and hypocrites

    29. Your dream in football
    To play in UEFA Champions League Group stage

    30. What is football - business, sports or show

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